Read more about the different places on Vestvågøy municipality

Leknes, Alstad and Ballstad

Between green meadows and mountains we find Leknes which is Vestvågøy’s administration center. Leknes has a well-developed service offering that includes hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, pharmacies, bakeries, workshops and more. The areas around Leknes are excellent hiking areas, where we can find hikers, surfers and paragliders. Ballstad is one of Lofoten’s largest active fishing villages. Here you will find trandamperi, drop by the world’s largest outdoor mural and several offers within rorbu holiday.

Mortsund, Stamsund and Rolvsfjord

Along the south side of the island we find several places worth visiting. Mortsund and Stamsund are living fishing villages even today. Both south and northbound Hurtigruten stops in Stamsund where we find fisherman’s cabins and restaurants, gallery, theatres and a ski resort. Together with the fishing industry, the production of contemporary theatre is important jobs in Stamsund. Along Valbergveien, which is a preferred road for cyclists in Lofoten, there are small beaches, great hiking opportunities and accommodation.

Galleri 2 Stamsund
Stamsund – foto: Galleri 2

Borg, Eggum, Unstad and Saupstad

In the middle of lush agricultural areas at Borg is the Lofotr Viking Museum. The museum shows finds based on archaeological excavations at Borg and reflects how the Vikings lived 1000 years ago. For Vestvågøy, agriculture is an important industry, and this is reflected through local food producers. Not far from Borg are two farm nurseries on opposite sides, which make their locally produced cheeses, herbs and sausages, among other things. At Eggum is the sculpture “The Head” and a beautiful castle from the days of the war that can be climbed in, and at Unstad people from all over the world surf on one of Europe’s most beautiful surfing trends.