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Facts about Flakstad Municipality

Flakstad municipality is located in West Lofoten, and consists of Flakstadøy and the northern part of Moskenesøy.

Most of the 1280 inhabitants live in the five traditional fishing villages of Ramberg, Fredvang, Napp, Sund and Nusfjord.

Nature invites to varied activities on land or water. Here you will find several galleries, artisans, museums, restaurants and accommodation. There are also opportunities for trips on the Lofoten Sea with one of the local fishing boats.

The community center is Ramberg where you will find i.a. library, department store, printing house, petrol station, boat and car workshop.

Nusfjord is Flakstad’s most famous fishing village with well-preserved buildings, and just outside Ramberg is Flakstad Church which is a beautiful timber church with a characteristic onion dome built around 1780.

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