At the far end of Lofoten you will find Røst municipality. An island community surrounded by 365 islands, islets and reefs.

Experience Røst, a rough gem at the far end of Lofoten

Ten miles out to sea from the mainland – is the archipelago Røst

If you come by plane from Bodø or Svolvær, you have an equally good bird’s eye view of the hundreds of islands, islets and reefs that make up the special archipelago on Røst.

Opposite the rest of Lofoten is Røstlandet with the highest point at just over 11 meters and with a sky vault that provides both midnight sun and northern lights in full panorama. No trees cast shadows, no mountains hide the sun. You meet a modern fishing community that is reflected in a friendly people.

Experience a bustling winter fishing with around 300 boats and 1500 fishermen during the winter season. When you feel the wind massaging and the sea spray cleansing your face, it feels like the world’s most natural spa. After a tour of the island, you will find one of the island’s dining and pubs, where you can sit back and enjoy local food. Afterwards, you can sleep well at one of the accommodations. Experience Lundefestival in June, the Querini Days in August and “In the name of cod” in March. You actually have to take the trip beyond.

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