Plan an epic road trip in Lofoten with friends

Welcome to a journey through Lofoten!

This travel route is a good starting point when you are planning a trip to Lofoten with your friends. This is the perfect place for adventurous activities and holiday memories. We have prepared a travel route that will inspire you on your way, but you can of course make all the changes you like to suit just you!

On this route, the road to Lofoten starts from Bodø with the ferry to Moskenes, and it returns through Lofast, Lofoten’s connection to the mainland.  From Svolvær you can drive to Vesterålen, Narvik, Harstad or Tromsø, or you can take the ferry from Lødingen to Bognes and then drive on the E6 southbound. Or you can follow this route the opposite way, or drive back and take the ferry to Bodø. It all depends on how much time you have and what you want to experience. There are many good reasons to spend more than 3 nights in Lofoten.

We recommend you take it easy and find peace and quiet in Lofoten, but if you do not have more time, this is a great starting point for a fantastic road trip in Lofoten with your friends. And remember; you can always come back.

Do you need to know more before planning your road trip to Lofoten?
Lofoten has always been known for its fish and during the last decades, it has become an eldorado for activities in incredible nature. With its white coral beaches, mountain peaks, harbours, and fantastic food and drink experiences – not to mention the midnight sun, Lofoten invites you to enjoy the late, magical evenings. Go to this activity page to find plenty of information about everything you can do and experience in Lofoten.


Day 1: Bodø to Moskenes

Bodø, Norway – Moskenes, Norway 
If you arrive by airplane in Bodø and rent a car, or if this is part of a longer journey, it is of course entirely up to you. You can pick any part of the route and change it!
You start by taking the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes. You find travel information here

When you arrive in Lofoten and Moskenes you are in the middle of the spectacular nature in Lofoten. From here you drive towards Reine. This iconic fishing village, which is situated by the entrance to the Kirkefjord, is famous for the viewpoint on top of Reinebringen and the magical scenery. There are many good places to stay overnight in this area, and this route includes an overnight stay at Reine Rorbuer. From here you can walk to Reinebringen if the weather conditions allow it. Check out the Facebook page Reinebringen for updated information. After a delicious meal in Reine and relaxing in a rorbu (fisherman’s cabin), the midnight sun lures you. Find peace and quiet together in a kayak under the evening sun, or simply just go for a short hike and enjoy.  


Day 2: From Reine to Henningsvær

Reine Rorbuer, Reine Norway – Henningsvær Rorbuer, Henningsvær Norway
After a morning near the sea and the waves, you can set course towards Unstad Arctic Surf. Drive east on E10 for about one hour until you come to Steinfjordveien. Take to the left here and drive to Unstadveien. Follow this road all the way to Unstad Arctic Surf. This world famous surf area is not only for experienced surfers, but it is also the perfect place to get a good introduction to surfing. Are you skeptical to surfing? With Unstad Arctic Surf, you can all go on a SUP – Stand up Paddle Board. The quiet fjords nearby make the perfect playground for a SUP. Paddle to the sloping rocks and jump from the cliffs, play, and create memories for life.  

Then you can enjoy a delicious meal after relaxing in the hot tub and prepare for departure towards Henningsvær. From Unstad, you follow the road back to E10, where you take a left and drive further eastbound. Follow this road for ca. 40 km until you come to Henningsværveien on your right hand side. Follow this road all the way to Henningsvær. There are many great places to stay overnight in Henningsvær, but on this route we have chosen Henningsvær Rorbuer. After an active day outdoors, we recommend a tasty dinner by the harbour in Henningsvær, followed by a drink in a bar. Fiskekrogen or Restaurant Lofotmat gives you the perfect introduction to Henningsvær and how to end the day. 


Day 3: Henningsvær to Svolvær

Henningsvær Rorbuer – Henningsvær Norway – Svolvær, Norway 
The day gets a quiet start with time to explore Henningsvær. The village is full of life and opportunities. In this fishing village, there are many charming shops, artists’ workshops, and cafes that are unique to Henningsvær. Maybe it will be tempting to go snorkeling or diving? It is easy to love Henningsvær, like many other places in Lofoten. This fishing village is one of many reasons why you need more time in Lofoten.

The road continues towards Svolvær city. Drive back to E10, where you take a right and go eastbound on E10. After ca 30 minutes you arrive in Svolvær. This is where you find Lofoten’s biggest selection of restaurants, bars and activities.
If you check in at Thon Hotell Lofoten, you will be perfectly placed in the middle of the central square in Svolvær. Here you can relax and enjoy the view. This hotel is known for the best breakfast in Norway. You find other places to stay in Svolvær here.


Day 4: Svolvær-Lødingen-Bodø

Svolvær, Norway – Lofast
As a last experience after breakfast on your last day we recommend sea eagle safari to Trollfjord.

There is an abundance of activities and tours you can do from Svolvær. Here is an overview of all the different opportunities! 

There are many reasons to spend more than 3 nights in Lofoten. We recommend you take time to find peace and quiet in Lofoten, but if you do not have more time, this is a great route to follow. And you can always come back. 


Lødingen-Bognes ferry

Take the ferry from Lødingen on your way back if you are driving south. You can see the ferry schedule here. The ferry automatically register cars that has an AutoPASS tag or a tag from ShuttlePASS, Brobizz or Øresundbroen. Prices vary but does not exceed NOK 233,- for cars up to 6m. You can check the various prices here. The drive back to Bodø from Bognes is around 3h 12m.