Rorbu in Lofoten – the perfect holiday

Staying in a rorbu (fishermen’s cabin) is a unique holiday experience in Lofoten, be it a family holiday, a trip with your loved one or with a group of friends. Norwegians have travelled to these islands for hundreds of years. They used to come for the fisheries, but now they also come for the mountains, the fjords, the sea and the people. Placed directly at the sea shore, the rorbu fades out the divide between nature and man-made, between accommodation and experience.  

Start the day comfortably in the middle of nature

Historically, what made the rorbu so popular was the short distance to the boat and the sea. Nowadays, it is the short distance to the experience of nature that makes the rorbu so convenient. The old fishing villages in Lofoten were placed close to the mountains, near the sea or by a fjord. This gives you the perfect starting point for kayaking, snorkelling, cycling, climbing, swimming, skiing, surfing, fishing or just taking a walk. In any case, you can start your day with fishing from the window, jumping in the sea or just admiring the view.

Where to stay?

With the rorbu as your base, it is very easy to explore the famous nature in Lofoten in a way that suits you. The question is, which rorbu do you prefer? There are rorbus in all categories, from the basic to the luxurious, from the small intimate one to a complete house by the sea. How many are you, what would you like to do and do you prefer to do your own cooking? These are all important questions when you are planning the perfect rorbu holiday. Here you find an overview of places to stay in Lofoten and rorbu resorts from the east to the west.


Svolvær is the biggest city in Lofoten, with restaurants, bars, shops and plenty of activities. The city has its own Sherpa stairs that takes you up to two of Lofoten’s most famous viewpoints, Svolværgeita and Djevelporten.

Svinøya Rorbuer

Svinøya Rorbuer

Svinøya is one of the islands in Svolvær. This is where you find the restaurant Børsen Spiseri, which used to be the first shop in Svolvær. It opened in 1828. At Svinøya you also find a large selection of characteristic rorbu buildings, ranging from apartments and sea houses to more luxurious houses. You find a lot of history, enjoyment and luxury between the fish drying racks.

Anker Brygge

Anker Brygge rorbus and suites are situated at Lamholmen in Svolvær. They offer full service and tasty food. This is the perfect combination of local history and easy access to all the experiences Svolvær has to offer. Anker Brygge dates back to 1880, when it used to be part of a fish landing station. It is situated only 200 metres from the central square in Svolvær.

Anker Brygge
Rorbuanlegget Svolvær Havn

Rorbuanlegget Svolvær Havn

This rorbu resort has a fantastic location near the entrance to the harbour of Svolvær. It gives you a great view of the city, the sea and the mountains. This resort offers several units with high to premium standard. You have the opportunity to stay right by the harbour and enjoy your own private cinema, if you prefer.

Lofoten Rorbuer

Lofoten Rorbuer is a resort in a sunny location right by the centre of Svolvær. From here you have a short way to fishing spots, beaches and the famous mountain, Svolværgeita. The resort has recently been refurbished.

Lofoten rorbuer - Svolvær


The old name of this village was Vågar. Kabelvåg is where King Øystein built the first fishermen’s cabins and it is where the locals call the church of Vågan the «Lofoten cathedral».

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell

You find Nyvågar Rorbu hotel in the middle of the quiet moment you always long for. It is idyllically placed by the sea and it is the neighbour of Skrei Heritage Centre, 1 km to the west of Kabelvåg centre.


This is maybe the most famous fishing village in Norway. It consists of many small islands stretching out into the Vestfjord, right by the foothills of one of Lofoten’s most famous mountains, Vågakallen. The village is known for its beautiful harbour and characteristic atmosphere and it is home to many local craftsmen, artists and typical local shops.

Henningsvær Rorbuer

This rorbu resort is placed right by the seaside and it gives you a great view over the Lofoten wall. If you wake up early, you can see the fishing boats on their way out to the fishing grounds, right outside your rorbu window. The harbour buildings that used to receive fish for processing, has now a reception and a restaurant.

Henningsvær Rorbuer

Fiskekrogen Henningsvær

Fiskekrogen fish restaurant was established in 1989, and it is beautifully placed in the middle of the harbour in Henningsvær. The restaurant also has two small rorbu buildings near Henningsvær harbour, with space for max 6 people in each of them. They measure ca 50 square metres and they have 2 bedrooms, shower, a living room and a kitchenette.


Stamsund is one of Lofoten’s most important active fishing villages, with businesses such as Lerøy Seafoods. It is surrounded by great skerries and with easy access to most of Lofoten, Stamsund has a lot to offer. Stamsund is one of the two harbours in Lofoten where the Hurtigruten calls.

Live Lofoten Hotel & Fishermen’s Cabins

Near the pier in Stamsund, right by Skjærbrygga Restaurant and Live Lofoten hotel, you find Live Lofoten rorbu resort. Here you can chose if you want to have your breakfast in the rorbu or enjoy a hotel breakfast in one of the restaurants. Live Lofoten offers accommodation and a wide variety of experiences, such as a crab safari followed by lunch.

Galleri 2 Stamsund


Mortsund is a small, idyllic fishing village at the «inner side» of Lofoten, facing the Vestfjord. Mortsund is only a short distance away and still near enough to everything that Lofoten has to offer.

Statles Rorbusenter

Statles Rorbu and Conference Centre

Statles Rorbu and Conference Centre is situated in Mortsund in the middle of Lofoten. The conference centre has in total 70 cosy and well equipped rorbu buildings with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, and most of the bedrooms have a private shower/ toilet. Each rorbu has a living room and a kitchenette and some of them also have a balcony. All the rorbus are placed along the seaside with a gorgeous view towards the harbour.


Ballstad is and has been an active fishing village for more than 1000 years. Today, there is still a lot of activity and the fishing harbour in Ballstad is maybe the most important one in Lofoten. Ballstad is an active place not only with the fisheries, but also with a variety of activities, food, experiences and not least, unique accommodation. The village is located at the southern edge of the island Vestvågøy, at the outermost point towards the Vestfjord and near to good fishing grounds in all directions!


Hemmingodden Lofoten Fishing Lodge enjoys a unique location close to the sea. The rorbu buildings are placed on a peaceful spot, but still very near the local grocery shop, cafe and fishing equipment shop. The resort is run by active and professional fishermen, who have good tips for where to find the best places to go fishing. If you are very lucky, you might even get them to go fishing with you.

Hemmingodden _ Ballstad
Solsiden Brygge

Solsiden brygge

At the sunniest place in Ballstad you find Solsiden Brygge. Ballstad is known for its beautiful scenery and for good fishing. In Solsiden Brygge you can stay either in a rorbu or rent a high standard hotel room.

Sjøstrand Rorbuer

This rorbu resort is owned and run by an active fisher family. There is also a campsite with facilities such as electricity, shower/toilet, laundry room with a tumble dryer, a kitchenette and free Wifi in all the rooms. The prices are reasonable and the owners offer good personal service. They are happy to help the guests to find unique holiday experiences in Lofoten.

Sjøstrand Rorbuer


In the municipality of Flakstad you find some of the most famous gems in Lofoten, such as authentic fishing villages and beautiful beaches. You can also visit the blacksmith in the village of Sund or go on spectacular hikes.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Nusfjord is where you find plenty of local history and accommodation in recently renovated and luxurious rorbu buildings. This is the perfect place for fishing, sailing and diving or other activities within unique geographic surroundings. This fishing village is famous for traditional houses dating back the late 1800s.


Moskenes municiplaity is located at the outermost part of Lofoten. This is where you find the famous fishing villages Reine, Sørvågen and Å. In this area you find some of the most popular places for photography and hiking in Lofoten.


Reine is one of the most photographed fishing villages in the country, with the surrounding Reinefjord, Vestfjord and the mountain Reinebringen. This place is a great starting point for the typical Lofoten experience.

Reine Rorbuer

Reine Rorbu resort is one of the most popular Lofoten classics. It is perfectly placed by the harbour in Reine with a view over the Reinefjord, Reinebringen and all the other gems in the area.

Reine Rorbuer - Classic Norway
Eliassen Rorbuer

Eliassen Rorbuer

Situated in Hamnøy right by the entrance to the Reinefjord, this is maybe one of the most photographed rorbu buildings in Lofoten. Pictures of the Festhelltinden and Olstinden mountains have put Lofoten on the international map, together with this gem of a fishing village and its rorbu buildings.


This fishing village is idyllically placed between Reine and Å, near the open sea and with spectacular hiking areas in the surrounding mountains. This is a beautiful place that also offers good culinary experiences.

The Tide Rorbuer

The Tide Rorbuer offers accommodation in a rorbu, a house by the sea or in the recently opened hotel. The hosts, Mariann and Stein are proud to offer you good quality experiences, focusing on the good life. You find this hotel in the idyllic Sørvågen village.

The Tide Lofoten - Sørvågen
Holmen Lofoten

Holmen Lofoten

Holmen Lofoten has its own secluded place in Sørvågen. This is where you find peace and quiet and the chance to be close to nature and experience everything it has to offer. Holmen Lofoten is a modern tribute to the Lofoten heritage and it offers all types of accommodation situated on a small private island.

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