Mannen (400 m)

Mannen at Haukland in Lofoten is 400 metres high. The walk is short and exposed and it is one of the most popular mountain hikes in Lofoten. 

Starting point

Park at Haukland beach – same starting point as for Himmeltinden.


May – September.


2 km (one way).


400 moh


2-3 hours (round trip).


Medium, with some exposed parts.

From beach to mountain 

Mannen is one of the most popular hikes in Lofoten. It is a short walk with a few exposed parts.  
The walk to Mannen starts from the parking at Haukland beach. From the parking at the beach, you will see the old cart road at the other side of the road. If you are at the parking in the field, you will see the card road straight ahead of you. Follow the cart road ca 500 metres until you a see a clear path that goes up the mountain side. Follow this and when you come to a brook, follow the path to the left along the ridge towards the top of Mannen. This starts when you are at the top of the first hill. You follow a clear path all the way. Make sure you follow the path to the left along the ridge, and not the path straight ahead towards Uttakleiv or the path towards Himmeltinden.

When you walk along the ridge over the next 350 altitude metres, you will see the start of the walk at Haukland on your left hand side. You do not need to climb many metres up before you get a fabulous view down to one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten – Haukland beach.

Following the path, you will have an even uphill all the way to the top. There are some exposed parts along the way, especially during the last narrow part of the hike. To avoid some of the most exposed parts along the steep cliffs, you can walk outside the path a little further into the terrain – and remember that there is no shame in turning back.

Views towards the beach, the open sea and large parts of Lofoten

When you arrive at the top, you will have a wonderful view in all directions with glittering turquoise sea and chalk white beaches. In the south you will see Haukland beach and Uttakleiv is to the north. All around you there are mountains and great views. Take a break and a rest and enjoy the views.

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