Cycle from Svolvær to Stamsund

Svolvær-Stamsund: 66 km

Follow the cycle road from Svolvær to Ørsnes, and then follow the E10 until you have crossed over the Gimsøy-bridge. Here you can either follow the main road at Gimsøy or go from Barstrand to Hov. This is a great area along the Gimsøy-current with long white sandy beaches that makes the ride very pleasant and it is a perfect place to see the midnight sun. 

The route continues over the Sundklakk-bridge onto county road 815. Here you continue towards Stamsund on the Valberg road. This is an area with very little traffic and you get a view over the sea and the mountains at the inner side of Lofoten.

Tour description with some suggestions



Enjoy your morning in Svolvær and make preparations for a scenic ride to Stamsund. In Svolvær you can get all the gear you need, have service on your bike at Sport1 in Alti Svolvær Shopping mall, and even rent a bike at Lofoten Rorbuer AS. When you’re ready, head out a long side E10, then later on E10, towards Stamsund.


Kabelvåg (detour)

There’s a few detours you can make on the way. The first is in Kabelvåg where you can stop by the local cafe “Hjørnet Kafé Kabelvåg”. Consider stopping by Lofoten Glass, and Lille Kabelvåg art gallery, or bike all the way out on the Kabelvåg molo and check out the lighthouse there.


Henningsvær (detour)

The second detour is to stop by Henningsvær. It’s pretty far from E10, so only consider stopping by if you have the time and the legs for added distance.


Gimsøy (detour)

The third detour is to cycle the main road at Gimsøy or go from Barstrand to Hov. At Hov Gård, you can stretch your legs on the local beach or visit the Låven Resturant for a coffee or something to eat.



As you pedal on towards Stamsund and turn left off E10, onto Valbergsveien you enter a much calmer road than E10. Enjoy the road as it slings between small communities and small inlets until you reach Stamsund. On your arrival, how about a visit to the art gallery “Galleri 2”? And if you’re hungry, stop by Live Lofoten Restaurant for some local seafood?

Tip! If you’re planning to return to Svolvær from Stamsund, you can travel with Hurtigruten or Havila Kystruten using their port-to-port tickets. Departures are available after 19:00 with prices starting at NOK 88,-. The journey lasts approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes – just enough time to enjoy the view and have a nice dinner!

Interesting stops a long the way