The famous fisherman’s village of Henningsvær is located on islands reaching out towards the massive Vestfjord. Even if you experience the bustling life on the pier it is only 500 inhabitants living here permanently.

With the unique location between Svolvær and Leknes, Henningsvær is a perfect place to start exploring Lofoten.
Here you can do the Christmas shopping in peace and calm and experience the Lofoten fisheries in the winter.
Along the pier you will find restaurants, little shops and galleries with world famous artists.
Go on a midnight sun cruise, snorkelling or sea safari in the ocean outside the fishing village.

The narrow and cozy streets invites to a stroll to calm your body and mind when you breath in the smell from the ocean and hear the seagulls express their contempt on the rooftops.

Welcome to Henningsvær!

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