Svolvær is nicely located between mountains and sea and is the largest town in the Lofoten islands with almost 5000 inhabitants.

In Svolvær you will find a great selection of restaurants, hotels, galleries and activities – with many of these experiences situated in walking distance from the town centre. The city is a great hub for transport by ferries, speedboats, planes and buses.

There are many hiking opportunities, from walking the Sherpa stairs leading up to Fløya, exploring the countryside or to the lookout point on Linken.

From the harbor in the center, several boats goes to the Trollfjord, where you get close to sea eagles and see life in the sea with an underwater drone. If you would rather try your luck at fishing, there are several that offer it from Svolvær.

In the winter there are many fishing boats fishing for Skrei (the Arctic Cod) in the Vestfjord, and in the summer it is bustling with people on the cozy pier which today houses many restaurants with local ingredients on the menu.

How do you travel to Svolvær?
– Fly to Svolvær Airport via Bodø. You can also fly to Evenes (2,5 hours drive).
– Bus from Narvik – Evenes – Svolvær
– Airport bus from Evenes – Svolvær
– The speedboat Nex II Bodø – Skrova – Svolvær
– Ferry from Bodø-Moskenes and bus from Moskenes – Svolvær
– Summer ferry between Skutvik – Skrova – Svolvær

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