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At Lofoten Glass you can enjoy the Northern Lights throughout the year – and then bring a piece of them home with you.

Glassblowing is an ancient craft with many long-standing traditions. For Cathinka Mæhlum, it is important to communicate and preserve its history while at the same time focusing on modern and stylistically clean design.

Cathinka Mæhlum grew up in Trondheim, whereupon she was enchanted by the world of glass. It was there in her youth that she worked in her father’s chemistry laboratory. The various samples were placed in glass vials, and it was Cathinka’s job to seal them by burning the tops of the vials and melting them shut.

Ever since then she has been fascinated by the magic of glass, and following her education at the National School of Glass in Sweden, she eventually had the opportunity to establish her very own glass cabin in Kabelvåg.

Visitors at the glass cabin will be able to see Cathinka at work, first-hand. She creates utility items such as wine glasses, tumblers, decanters and bowls, as well as also designing jewellery and artwork. One of Cathinka’s specialties is the popular Aurorakula (The Aurora Ball). In this, as she says herself, she catches the Northern Lights inside a glass ball. You should also take a peek at the popular tipping wine decanter, which she designed whilst studying and which has followed her ever since.

Lofoten Glass offers courses in making glass beads. Here, participants get to experience what it is like to work with liquid glass in front of open flames. This is an entry level course and as such allows most people to leave with a finished product to take home. Cathinka also organises evening events where she showcases the craft, the design process and various techniques she utilises.

Did you know…
…Cathinka Mæhlum works professionally with sculptures of ice and snow during parts of the winter season?

You can visit Lofoten Glass in conjunction with other experiences in Kabelvåg. Here you can, among other things, visit Gallery & Museum Little Kabelvåg and Rundt og rundt redesign. A stroll through the streets of Kabelvåg and a coffee in the square is also recommended.

Storvågan, with the adventure center SKREI, is located just west of Kabelvåg. Here you will find Gallery Espolin, the Lofoten Aquarium and the Lofoten Museum.

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