Cycling in Lofoten

Lofoten is known for its dramatic nature and many opportunities for great experiences on a bicycle. You can cycle through easy terrain between mountains and fjords in most parts of Lofoten. See where you can rent a bike in Lofoten, find tips for bicycle rides and find out what you can see on two wheels. 

Rent a bicycle

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to explore Lofoten is on a bicycle. You also get a lot of fresh air, and you experience nature in an entirely different way. If you do not bring your own bike, you can rent one here: (Link til nettsiden)

Lofoten is a very popular destination in the summer and in the high season you may experience a lot of traffic on the E10. If you decide to go before or after July, you can avoid most of the busy summer traffic. In any case, there are plenty of great detours away from the main road, with many opportunities to see some of the most beautiful places in Lofoten. Many places you can enjoy by cycling almost all alone in wide open and peaceful landscapes. You may see the sea eagle sail over the sky or discover a curious otter on the sea shore.

If you decide to take your bicycle out at night, heading west and north, you can even ride your bike under the midnight sun. Here you can read more about where to experience the midnight sun in Lofoten. 

Road conditions and distance

The total distance from Fiskebøl to Å is 160 km. This distance along the E10 has no ferries and it is tarmacked. Some of the side roads off the E10 are gravelled. There are few cycle roads and walk ways in Lofoten, so most of the cycling will be along the main road. The roads vary from double lane to single lane or even narrower some places. 

Along the main road there are ten tunnels, with a total length of 7.5 kilometres. The Nappstraumen-tunnel goes under the sea and it is 1780 metres long. In the summer, you can avoid this tunnel by taking the bicycle ferry between Ballstad and Nusfjord.

Bicyling in Lofoten. Foto: Karianne Klovning – XXLofoten


Fiskebøl-Laukvik-Vestpollen-Svolvær: 68 km

From Fiskebøl, you follow the route along the outer side of the Austvågøy through beautiful surroundings and little traffic. In the summer, you can enjoy the midnight sun between Fiskebøl and Laukvik. The landscape varies from sandy beaches to fjords and inlets, which inspire you to spend a lot of time on this route. The last part of the route from Vestpollen to Svolvær follows the E10.

Equipment and clothing 

We recommend that you bring rain and wind proof clothes, good shoes, a reflective vest, a bicycle helmet, good light on the bike and a first aid kit. Take care and be considerate when you ride your bicycle along the road. 

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