Cycle from Fiskebøl to Svolvær

Fiskebøl-Laukvik-Vestpollen-Svolvær: 68 km. A scenic route on the “midnight sun road”.

From Fiskebøl, you follow the route along the outer side of the Austvågøy through beautiful surroundings and little traffic. In the summer, you can enjoy the midnight sun between Fiskebøl and Laukvik. The landscape varies from sandy beaches to fjords and inlets, which inspire you to spend a lot of time on this route. The last part of the route from Vestpollen to Svolvær follows the E10.

Tour description with some suggestions



When starting in Fiskebøl you can bicycle a long “midnattsolveien” (midnight sun road) towards Laukvika. On the road, you will pass magnificent sceneries including Hessand stranda, Morfjord, Krokelvstranda, Sommarhusstranda, Syklisthuset at Grunnfør (lay-by for cyclist) the bridges at Delp and the mighty Matmora mountain.



If you feel tired and need a breather, you can stop by “På KaiKanten” Bistro and pub. Enjoy local ice cream from Livland Gård and fresh coffee from the next door coffee roaster Keans Beans. There are other things in Laukvika worth exploring too!



Continue on “midnattsolveien” towards Vestpollen and E10. If you have light legs, consider stopping by the hiking trail up Matmora (if you didn’t already between Fiskebøl and Laukvika) for an epic hiking adventure. Or keep pressing on to Livland Gård and stop by for locally produced ice cream and yoghurt.



From Vestpollen and the intersection called “Jordnes kryss”, continue on to E10 and enjoy the scenic route towards Svolvær. There’s more traffic on E10, so be careful, and stay at your right side. On your way, you’ll pass several well known mountains.

Interesting stops a long the way