Cycle from Stamsund to Ballstad with ferry to Nusfjord

Stamsund-Ballstad-Nusfjord: 24 km

The road from Stamsund to Ballstad goes either over Hagskaret pass or via Steine, Sennesvika or Mortsund. From Ballstad you can take the bicycle ferry over to Nusfjord. More in detail below.

Tour description with some suggestions



From Stamsund, peddle your way onto Steineveien and follow the coastline towards Steine. After about 7,6 km you’ll reach 815 Hageskarveien. Here, you have to turn left. From this point and onwards you have a few route choices to make. Either you continue on Hageskarveien, or make a left turn onto Finstadveien. This route is a bit longer and you can cycle to Sennesvik, Ure, Pettvika and Mortsund. Whichever route you choose, you will at some point reach Fygle and the roundabout in Leknes. From here continue onto E10 for a while and continue straight forward onto 818 Busknesveien. This road will take you to Ballstad.


Ballstad (ferry dock)

When you reach Ballstad, cycle towards Bertelvika and look for a sign to the right after passing the entryway to Kremmervika. In summer (from mid June to mid September), you can enjoy Lofoten from the seaside by using the local route between Nusfjord and Ballstad. By following the old road and transport route on the inner path, this trip gives you a fantastic experience of Lofoten’s nature. The route is also good to use for those who don’t want to cycle through the underwater Nappstraum tunnel.

The ferry costs NOK 400,- and can be booked here. It leaves almost everyday at 10 AM, once per day. The return ferry from Nusfjord leaves at 11 AM, also once per day. That means you have to leave early from Stamsund if you don’t want to spend at least one night in Ballstad. Although we recommend that you do stay in Ballstad for a while, to explore this beautiful fishing village.



Nusfjord is a hidden gem. And often described as one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages in Norway. There’s a handful of fishermen’s cabins (rorbuer) and work buildings here that houses permanent residents. It’s remote, quiet, and peaceful. You can read more about Nusfjord here.

Stay for a while at Nusfjord Arctic Resort, and go hiking in the area. A popular hiking trail is: Nesland-Nusfjord.

Interesting stops a long the way