Restaurants in Moskenes

In Moskenes you will find everything from small cozy restaurants with delicious food to dining experiences that approach the Michelin level!

One of the most unique dining experiences in Lofoten can be found here:

Kitchen On The Edge Of The World, where culinary exploration takes on an extraordinary twist amidst the Arctic Circle. Prepare yourself for an enchanting weekend that promises to captivate your senses and leave you nourished with the most exquisite ingredients plucked from the bountiful natural pantry that surrounds us throughout the seasons.

Holmen Lofoten
Holmen Lofoten (Destination Lofoten – Kristin Folsland Olsen)

Imagine immersing yourself in a world of sea and mountains, embraced by a landscape so awe-inspiring it feels like a living, breathing work of art. Regardless of the season, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with nature and harmonizing with its captivating rhythms.

As dusk settles, you’ll be seated at the coveted chef’s table, an intimate gathering of adventurous souls, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of a culinary masterpiece. From the vantage point of the open kitchen, you’ll witness the symphony of flavors unfold before your eyes, all while sipping on meticulously crafted cocktails. During the sunlit hours, you’ll have the freedom to carve out your own perfect haven—whether it’s immersing yourself in invigorating outdoor activities guided by experts or finding solace by the crackling fire with a captivating book. And for those with a creative streak, we’ll be offering craft workshops where you can craft your own handmade knife or create a unique artwork. And let’s not forget, Lofoten is renowned as one of the world’s ultimate fishing destinations, where you can reel in the catch of a lifetime.

Accommodation in Sørvågen
Accommodation in Sørvågen (Christian Banfield)

So, get ready to immerse yourself in a shared experience like no other. At Kitchen On The Edge, the intimate group of 20 guests, along with guest chefs, collaborators, and the warm-hearted hosts, come together as a tight-knit community to share meals, whether in the comfort of our restaurant or out in the wild. You have the opportunity to partake in various activities, carefully curated to make the most of the ever-changing weather patterns. After all, it is the sense of community that lies at the very core of Holmen, and you’re encouraged to engage with your fellow guests, fostering connections that will enhance your overall experience.