Sørvågen in Moskenes

A little arctic jewel southwest in Lofoten

About Sørvågen

Located far southwest in Lofoten, Sørvågen is a jewel among many jewels. At a mere 0.63 square kilometers, Sørvågen may be small in size, but it is brimming with natural beauty and cultural richness. Despite its size, this place is home to a vibrant community. The inhabitants are known for their warm hospitality and their deep-rooted connection to the land and sea.

This fishing village is a delightful retreat for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Known for its picturesque landscapes, fascinating history, and an invigorating waterfall.

Where to sleep?

Things to do

Restaurants in Sørvågen

Sørvågen has a large selection of restaurants to choose from. Here you can find everything from small, cozy restaurants to world-class feasts.

Where is Sørvågen exactly?

How do you get to Sørvågen?

  • Ferry from Bodø – Moskenes and a bus from there to Sørvågen
  • Fly to Leknes/Svolvær and take the bus to Sørvågen
  • Take the bus from Narvik or Evenes with Arctic Route for summer 2024 – the bus goes all the way to Svolvær and then on to Å in Lofoten.
  • Take bus 300, also known as Lofotekspressen, from Narvik or Evenes all the way to Å in Lofoten.
  • If you are visiting from Tromsø, you can travel with Arctic Route to Svolvær/Kabelvåg, change buses, and then continue to Sørvågen.

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