Å in Lofoten

Å is located at the very end of the Lofoten Archipelago.

About Å

The charming village of Å is located at the southernmost tip of Moskenes island and provides an atmospheric insight into Norway’s rich fishing heritage. This tranquil fishing village is a testament to the enduring traditions and resilience of the people who have called this place home for generations.

The history of Å stretches back to the early 19th century, and walking through the village is like stepping back in time. The preserved tillers, boathouses with traditional wooden fishing boats and the oldest fish oil factory in Europe, established in 1850, all paint a vivid picture of the village’s past.

Where to sleep and eat in Å

We recommend staying in of the modernised fishermen’s cabins or ‘rorbuer’. Staying in these cabins offers a unique opportunity to experience the traditional way of life in Å, coupled with all the comforts of modern living. There is also one restaurant in the village, the Å Rorbuer’s Brygga Restaurant, serving a variety of local dishes.

Norwegian Fishing Village Museum and the bakery at Å

The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum is one of Norway’s best preserved and complete fishing villages. The museum has exhibitions that show life in the fishing village and the development of Lofoten fishing over the past 250 years. Visit various buildings; boathouse, steamboat, housekeeper’s living room.

The museum has a shop and a summer cafe where you can treat yourself to one of Lofoten’s best cinnamon buns from the old bakery at Å. The bakery is open during the summer months.

Where is Å exactly?

How do you get to Å?

  • Ferry from Bodø – Moskenes and a southbound bus from there to Å.
  • Fly to Leknes/Svolvær and take the bus to Å.
  • Take the bus from Narvik or Evenes with Arctic Route for summer 2024 – the bus goes all the way to Svolvær and then on to Å in Lofoten.
  • Take bus 300, also known as Lofotekspressen, from Narvik or Evenes all the way to Å in Lofoten.
  • If you are visiting from Tromsø, you can travel with Arctic Route to Svolvær/Kabelvåg, change buses, and then continue to Å.

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