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At Lofoten Wool you’ll be welcomed by contented sheep, and then you can indulge in beautiful woollen products from the same happy bunch.

The sheep have ensured a substantial contribution to the goods on sale in the workshop retail outlet Høystålet. One of Lofoten Wool’s main collections is made with wool from the farm’s own animals, whilst the other one is made with wool from Norwegian White Sheep (crossbred) from the island of Røst.

In Høystålet you’ll find a broad selection of yarn from both collections, in addition to scarves, shawls and blankets in Lofoten Wool’s own design.

Ragnhild Lie is originally from Lillehammer, and studied textile art at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. In 2014 she established Lofoten Wool. Lie is concerned with utilising as much of the raw ingredients as possible, hence the shop also sells lamb meat following the annual autumn slaughter, and from the fat they make soap infused with local plants. The shop also offers beautiful knitting kits and patterns – and sweaters, cardigans, hats, socks and mittens knitted by locals.

When you turn into the farm at the Stamsund peninsula – midway between Stamsund and Leknes – you’re met by a flock of wild sheep. According to the hosts, the animals are both inquisitive and social, and often run up to the fence to greet visitors, to the delight of countless children.

The proximity to the sea and a diet of fresh grass and algae has made Lofoten lamb and mutton meat renowned for its excellent quality. After a visit to Lofoten Wool you will also realise that the strong and hardwearing wool is of a similar superior quality.

Did you know…
…rumour has it that one of the carpets in the White House in Washington D.C. was made of Lofoten wool?

Lofoten Wool is on the peninsula Stamsundhalvøya, midway between Stamsund and Leknes (seven kilometres in either direction). For an awe-inspiring scenic route, go by way of Valbergveien. A visit to the farm can be combined with a hike up the mountain to Gangskaret. On sunny summer days, you can check out the temperature in the Lofoten sea.

Both Stamsund and Steine are authentic fishing villages worth a visit. Steine is a good starting point for paddling.

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