Edelweiss/SWISS & the Zürich-Evenes Connection

Starting in 2024, Evenes will serve as the principal gateway to Lofoten, featuring connections via Zürich with Edelweiss Air and SWISS.

Information about the Zürich-Evenes connection

From 10th of June, until the 26th of August, Edelweiss Air/SWISS flies directly from Zürich in Switzerland to Evenes in Northern Norway. Evenes is located about 2,5 hours from Lofoten.

Flying from Zürich to Evenes

This new route is perfectly synchronised with all early morning arrivals in Frankfurt on Mondays within the specified period. Moreover, it aligns with all afternoon departures from Zürich for the return journey on these same days.

  • Route: ZRH-EVE-ZRH
  • From 10 June to 26 August
  • From Zürich (Mondays): Departure ZRH: 11:45 / Arrival EVE: 15:20
  • From Evenes (Mondays): Departure EVE: 16:15 / Arrival ZRH: 19:55

Tickets are already available and you can secure your seats at flyedelweiss.com or swiss.com

Traveling from Evenes to Lofoten

Situated at the heart of the Hålogaland region, Evenes is just a 2.5-hour bus journey from the eastern reaches of Lofoten. Additionally, from Evenes, you can conveniently access other destinations such as Vesterålen, Harstad, and Narvik.

Continue by bus

Arctic Route seasonal variation for timetables:

Narvik-Å-Narvik: 15 June – 31 August
Narvik-Svolvær-Narvik: 16 May – 12 September

Upon your arrival at Evenes, your adventure to Lofoten can seamlessly progress with Best Arctic’s Arctic Route bus service. This scenic route initiates in Narvik and culminates in the village of Å during the summer season. The return trip from Å ends in Svolvær in the evening, where you can continue to Evenes the following day.