To you who are camping in my hometown

«My dad and I have built a lean-to shelter on the mountainside above where we live. We built it as a community effort, and it has turned out really nice. Feel free to stop by the shelter when you’re hiking in the mountains, or even spend the night there if the weather catches you off guard. However, I must ask you not to use the shelter as a camping spot for several days. Remember, many of us want to enjoy it this summer.»


“Both visitors and locals are flocking to the mountains, down to the shore, and out to sea like never before. Experiencing the nature and outdoor life in Lofoten is a holiday wish for many Norwegians, especially this summer. The people of Lofoten are very fond of, and dependent on, the nature that surrounds us. Nature is a part of our identity, our livelihood, and the region’s allure. That’s precisely why we are very committed to taking good care of the mountains, beaches, and sea.

«Come and be with us, but take care of our nature and the fish!»


The Right to Roam – Our Common Good

As you prepare to enjoy your vacation in wild, beautiful Lofoten, we’d like to offer you some tips for the journey. Camping in a tent or hammock under the open sky is incredibly tempting, and thanks to the Right to Roam, we are allowed to do just that. However, it’s important to remember that with the Right to Roam comes the Responsibility to Roam. The most important thing is to be considerate. Everyone out in nature must show consideration for people, animals, and the environment, and we are obligated to travel without leaving a trace and not cause damage to the terrain.

To ensure you have a delightful, liberating vacation that nature will also thank you for, we’d like to assist you with some terms and rules.

Two important terms often used in the Right to Roam are ‘innmark’ and ‘utmark.’ ‘Innmark’ refers to areas with residential plots, gardens, courtyards, and cultivated land. ‘Utmark’ is everything that is not ‘innmark,’ in other words, forests, marshes, mountains, and coastal areas. The Right to Roam applies in ‘utmark.’ You are welcome to stay overnight in ‘utmark,’ but remember that your tent or hammock must be set up at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin. You can camp for up to two days in the same location before you must move on to your next unique outdoor camp. ‘Utmark’ areas are rarely equipped with toilets, so you’ll need to have a good plan for handling bathroom visits.

Always remember to leave nature as you would like to find it yourself.

Facilitated Camping Joy

Feeling overwhelmed by all the rules? There’s no need to worry. In Lofoten, you can camp wildly and beautifully in designated areas. Our archipelago offers countless unique, facilitated accommodations that all provide the camping experience, but with toilets and waste disposal easily accessible. At one of our spectacular campsites, you can enjoy the joys of outdoor life without any concerns.

When you visit Lofoten’s accommodations, you’ll always encounter warm-hearted and knowledgeable people who welcome you. People who live and work in Lofoten, who know the region well, and who are eternally grateful that you are visiting their place of work.

Have you considered that when you use established campsites or other accommodations on your vacation, you contribute to building safe, quality workplaces in our local community?

Make use of our nature, visit the lean-to shelter, hang up your hammock, enjoy the summer evening at the campsite. We warmly welcome you to Lofoten and thank you for helping us take care of our nature.