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Lyst Lofoten Sauna Svolvær

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Welcome to sauna and cold baths in the world’s most beautiful surroundings. LYST Lofoten Sauna is located on the floating dock in front of the Thon Hotel Svolvær, with views of the Vestfjord, the entrance to Svolvær, and the mountains behind.

LYST Lofoten Sauna consists of two saunas “Fløya” and “Blåtind”, a women’s and a men’s changing room, both with a shower with hot water and a toilet. Many are tempted by a brisk sea bath after some time in the sauna; there is a ladder down into the water from the floating dock and a diving board from the roof of the sauna. Sauna visits must be booked in advance. LYST Lofoten Sauna Svolvær is an unmanned sauna.

The sauna(s) can also be rented for private bookings. You can rent one of the saunas for max. 15 people or both saunas for max. 30 people.

One sauna, 2 hours (max 15 people): NOK 3500,-
Both saunas, 2 hours (max 30 people): NOK 6500,-

Private bookings are made via email:, no later than 24 hours before the desired time.

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