Heimbrygga Restaurant


Heimbrygga Restaurant offers delicious quality food in a cosy traditional atmosphere.

Heimbrygga is a 200 years old charming wooden building and the oldest running Brygga on Skrova.
Right by the ferry dock, it has been for many years, the main meeting place for locals and tourists alike.

We focus in promoting local gastronomy with an international touch, as well as organized thematic events throughout the year.

Heimbrygga rooms
The accommodation is on the first floor, where we have 3 double rooms and 1 single room for rent. There is a spacious living room with a basic kitchenette and an amazing view to the waterfront. The premises include 2 shared bathrooms. The rooms can be rented separately or as full house.

Our beautiful brygge is perfect for small/medium size events, like meetings, courses, workshops and group celebrations.

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