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We want everyone who visits Lofoten to have the best possible experiences. Consequently, it’s of the utmost importance to us that you can find accommodation, dining, activities and experiences that satisfy your needs. Our guests have different needs associated with reduced mobility, impaired vision or hearing and asthma or allergies, etc. We aim to provide you with good and reliable information so you can make conscious choices. Consequently, you can be confident that the tourism companies which are members of Destination Lofoten can offer you and your travel companions good experiences with as few challenges as possible. 

Facts about accessibility and adaptation for people with different needs

The companies that have mapped how accessible and adapted they are for people with allergies/asthma, reduced mobility and impaired vision or hearing must have information about this available on their website or on request. 

You will find the type of information covered and the companies involved in the following overview:

These are the different information they should be able to give you information regarding: 

Allergy sufferers/asthmatics

The company must have information about the following for people who suffer from allergies/asthma:

  • use of wall-to-wall carpets in guest rooms and meeting rooms, etc.
  • whether they have flowers/plants that cause allergies or not
  • whether they use detergents and cleaning products that contain perfume or not
  • smoking zones
  • food service

Reduced mobility

The company must have information about the following for people with reduced mobility:

  • disability parking
  • access and entrance
  • walkways to various facilities
  • restaurant and service
  • universally designed toilet
  • universally designed rooms and bathrooms

Visually impaired

The company must have information about the following for the visually impaired:

  • guide dog welcome
  • information/signs/menu have good readability
  • walkways to various facilities
  • contrast between fixtures/equipment and wall/floor
  • lighting especially in corridors and at the reception
  • universally designed toilet
  • universally designed rooms and bathrooms

Hearing impaired

The company must have information about the following for the hearing impaired:

  • audio induction loop/hearing assistive technology
  • optical/vibrating fire alarm in guest room
  • hearing assistive technology for guiding and activities

Destination Lofoten has also started a project to map companies and provide information about how accessible and adapted various facilities are. This will enable everyone with different needs to find destinations and companies that can provide good experiences for them. This project is currently in the start-up phase and will take some time to complete. However, we promise to improve so we can provide good information for everyone with different needs.

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