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Christmas gift suggestions 2022 – gift cards from Lofoten

Do you know somebody who deserves the feeling of the ocean breeze while riding a horse on a sandy beach between the mountains in Lofoten, or to enjoy surfing on an ocean wave in the Arctic, or paddling a kayak between the skerries in a Lofoten fjord while admiring the incredible nature in Lofoten?

Lofoten under the tree!

Lofoten experiences and all the incredible possibilities are really something to look forward to. In Lofoten, mum, dad, siblings, friends, colleagues, boyfriends, and girlfriends can all find their dream experience. It may be to enjoy the view from the rorbu (fisherman’s cabin), jump at Svolværgeita, admire the sea eagle, taste the local food, or visit one of the many museums and galleries. With a gift card, you can relax in a sauna or experience the Lofoten fishery. In any case, with this gift card, you have an excuse to make your dream of Lofoten come true. A Lofoten gift card gives you access to an idyllic summer under the midnight sun or to the mountains in their winter coat with the dancing aurora above.

Summer in Lofoten

Summer is the time when people finally get together. Who would you like to spend time with in Lofoten? The perfect way to ensure you have a good time together is to buy a Lofoten gift card to the people you would like to meet in Lofoten. The idyllic summertime in Lofoten, with the beautiful nature and the activities, will leave a lasting memory. You can board a boat straight from the rorbu and go find your own sandy beach, or you can join a local mountain guide and challenge your own limits. Lofoten will be the perfect place to spend time together. 

Midnight sun in Lofoten

The light in Lofoten in the summer gives you energy. It is easy to put away your watch when you are on holiday in Lofoten. The experiences have no time limit. Nature feels different at night, and under the rays of the sun at midnight, the feeling of nature at rest is a special experience. 

Winter in Lofoten

Winter in Lofoten is a unique combination of coast and mountains, snow and sea. There is an abundance of activities you can do in the wintery Lofoten nature. There are so many different islands and places in Lofoten, and kayaking, hiking or any other activity can be totally different depending on where or when you visit Lofoten. The islands further out in the open sea may not have any snow at all, while the highest peaks can be covered with a lot of snow and offer the perfect conditions for randonnée on skis or hiking with snow shoes.

Fishing in Lofoten

Many people associate Lofoten with the traditional Lofoten fisheries that take place from January to March every year. The Lofoten fisheries are the world’s biggest skrei (cod) fisheries in one particular period of time! This is the time when you can see the classic fish racks full of drying fish. An important Norwegian tradition and Norway’s first export article – the stockfish. 

Activities in Lofoten

During the last few years, more and more people have discovered how many different activities you can do in Lofoten. The reason why Lofoten has become so popular is the combination of so many possibilities within a relatively small, but fantastic nature area.

Surfing in Lofoten

Winter surfing is an activity that not many people have experienced, but those who have tried it, often get hooked. Fantastic waves from the big ocean hit the outer side of Lofoten and create the perfect starting point for an active surfer. Fjords and sheltered areas make ideal conditions and even if you are a beginner or an expert, the surrounding nature will make it a powerful experience. A hot tub, a sauna, and a crackling fireplace will warm you up afterwards and give you lasting memories.

Northern lights in Lofoten

Dancing northern lights above the Lofoten mountains, with a reflection in the ocean, is something not everybody gets the chance to see. Lofoten is perfectly placed for an experience of the northern lights, and our micro-climate makes it possible to stay within the archipelago when hunting for the aurora. In Lofoten, the weather can change quickly and there may be big differences between the islands, inner side and outer side, east, and west. Very often, the aurora hunter will find an opening in the clouds. One of the aurora hunters in Lofoten with the most northern lights tours had a success rate of 95% in 2019. If you can spend several days in Lofoten, your chances of seeing the aurora will increase considerably. There are many ways of seeing the northern lights. You can choose between a photo tour together with an aurora hunter, a boat trip, or even going horse riding on a sandy beach with the northern lights dancing above your head. 


Skiing holidays in Lofoten have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Especially people traveling from the Alps in Europe have discovered the unique skiing opportunities in the Lofoten mountains but also Norwegian skiers are drawn towards the fjords and the mountains. 

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