North Norwegian Art Centre

Northern Norway’s regional centre for contemporary art.

In the city of light, Svolvær, The North Norwegian Art Centre stands as a dynamic hub for contemporary art.

Our mission resonates with a dual purpose – igniting a passion for both art and crafts within the region, while simultaneously fostering a connection on both regional and international fronts.

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*All images by: Aurora Stenersen & Kjell-Ove Storvik

The North Norwegian Art Centre orchestrates an ever-evolving exhibition series and facilitates the sale of captivating artworks and crafts hailing from this very region.

In the picturesque island of Svinøya, the centre also administers Kunstnerhuset Svolvær, a haven where artists find inspiration amidst breathtaking landscapes.

A marquee event in our calendar is the Lofoten International Art Festival – LIAF, a biennial celebration that reverberates with creativity and cross-cultural exchange.

Established in 1979 by the regions artist organisations North Norwegian Art Centre radiates as a pivotal force in the tapestry of North Norwegian artistry.

It stands not only as a wellspring of artistic resources for both creators and admirers, but also as a liaison connecting public and private entities. Our affiliation with the Northern Norwegian Cultural Agreement is a testament to our commitment to enriching the cultural landscape.

Step into the world of North Norwegian Art Centre, where innovation knows no bounds, and the echoes of creativity resound through the Northern skies.

There are so much artistry in Lofoten.

Is it something in the air, or does Lofoten simply offer one of the most inspirational natural scenes in the world? And at North Norwegian Art Centre, you can a get feel of this artisanal scene!


You’ll find us right next to Svolvær Tourist Information, on Svolvær square.