Story of Glasshytta på Vikten

Learn more about Northern Norway’s oldest glassblowing hut.

In the mystical embrace of Norway’s most ancient lands, where untamed beauty converges with the age-old art of glassblowing, there exists a sanctuary of creativity known as the “Glasshytta på Vikten”.

Nestled on the fringes of the enchanting Flakstadøya island, amid the rocky majesty and the vast expanse of the open sea, this haven echoes the spirit of Vikten’s rugged terrain.

The ruggedness of Vikten is a defining characteristic of this remote corner of the world. As the rocky mountains loom majestically over the village, they create a dramatic backdrop that commands respect and admiration. The terrain is rugged and untamed, with steep cliffs, fjords, and deep valleys etched into the landscape by ancient glaciers and powerful natural forces.

Here, in this remote place, a legacy was born in the mid-1970s…

*All images by: Aurora Stenersen

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In the late 1960s, the fisherman Åsvar Tangrand brought home some glass shards to use them in a new and creative way. From these shards, he crafted colorful doors and windows, among other things. He participated in the Idebanken exhibition in Oslo in 1968, showcasing a door adorned with glass shards.

During this time, Åsvar also developed the “Lofotruna,” (rune) a symbol capturing the essence of Lofoten, featuring a human, a fish, and a boat. Initially, the “Lofotruna” was created as a wall decoration using wrought iron and glass. His fascination with glass and artistic endeavors led him on a journey to Finland. Alongside other Norwegian artisans, he was introduced to Finnish glass art in Rihimekki in 1974. On his journey back from Finland, Åsvar decided to start glassblowing in Lofoten.

In 1976, a glass melting furnace was installed in the basement workshop in Vikten. With valuable assistance from Finnish glassblower Pertti Merilaiinen, whom he had met in Finland, the region’s first glassblowing workshop was established in the spring of 1976. Around the same time, tourists began to discover the beauty of Lofoten.

Throughout the 1980s, the glass hut experienced significant production, attracting an increasing stream of tourists to Vikten. A vibrant environment dedicated to glassblowing and ceramics took shape. In 1992, the glass production moved to a remarkable new building nestled amidst the coastal stones in Vikten.


The Glass Hut at Vikten stands as a testament to Åsvar Tangrand, a visionary artisan who kindled the first flames of glassblowing in Northern Norway. Now, under the skilled hands of his son, Anders Tangrand, the legacy breathes on, capturing the essence of the land’s untamed soul.

In the shadows of the age-old mountains, secrets of craftsmanship are whispered from one generation to the next, carried on the wings of time like an ancient song. Delicate intricacies find no refuge here, for it is the raw and the rustic that take center stage. Stone, metal, and bobbles are woven into each creation, leaving no doubt that uniqueness reigns supreme in this artistic realm.

Raw, rough, magnificent!
Bringing the landscape into his creations…

As the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky with hues of amber and crimson, the Glass Hut Vikten comes to life. Flames dance within the furnace, and the molten glass takes shape under the mastery of skilled hands. Every piece bears the imprints of the untamed nature that surrounds it, a testament to the indomitable spirit of Vikten.

Tradition & innovation

Step into this sanctuary of artistry, where the echoes of history resonate through each masterpiece. Here, amidst the rugged landscapes, you will find no ordinary glassware, but fragments of Vikten’s soul encased in shimmering elegance. It is a world where tradition and innovation converge, a dance between the past and the present, immortalized in glass.

Beyond the realm of delicacy lies a realm of untamed allure, waiting to be discovered. The Glass Hut Vikten beckons you to embrace the beauty of imperfection and witness the birth of art that weaves tales of the land’s wild spirit.

Surrounded by raw nature inspires you. It sets the pace, it shows you what’s real.

So venture forth, seeker of rustic marvels, and immerse yourself in the symphony of stone, metal, and glass. Let the allure of Vikten’s wilderness enthrall your senses, and may the creations of the Glass Hut Vikten captivate your heart, drawing you deeper into the enchanting saga of an artist’s journey amidst the rugged magnificence of Lofoten.