Art & Culture at Gallery Salteriet in Nusfjord

History preserved in the old salt house – where fish roe was previously salted and stored.

Nestled on the southeastern shores of Flakstadøya, within the Flakstad municipality in Nordland, lies Nusfjord—a quaint settlement that seems to have been plucked right out of a storybook. Home to merely 16 residents in 2023, this hidden gem stands as a testament to time, proudly boasting its heritage as one of Lofoten’s oldest and most impeccably preserved fishing villages.

A living chronicle of the Lofoten fishing’s evolution, Nusfjord narrates a tale that stretches from yesteryears to the present day. The wind amidst structures that whisper secrets from the 1800s, their weathered facades speaking of a bygone era. Wander these lanes, and you’ll encounter 33 ‘rorbuer’—distinctive fishermen’s cabins perched above the water, mirroring a tradition that has stood the test of time.

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*All images by: Aurora Stenersen

A charming village

Nusfjord’s charm extends beyond the mere passage of years—it’s a thriving testament to the symbiotic relationship between humankind and the sea. A maritime symphony continues to play here, with active fishing pursuits lending an air of authenticity to the village’s essence. Amidst these historical walls, tales of trawling and toil unfold, an echo of a seafaring saga that refuses to fade.

This haven, where past and present coalesce, offers a unique opportunity to witness time-honored structures meticulously restored. As summer graces the shores, the rorbuer come alive again, a vibrant chapter in the storybook of Nusfjord. It’s no surprise that this village, standing as a living architectural treasure, was chosen as one of Norway’s pioneering contributions to the European Architectural Heritage Year in 1975.

Nusfjord is more than a place; it’s a living memoir, a vibrant canvas that paints the journey of a community intrinsically entwined with the sea. With every creaking floorboard, every salty breeze, and every weathered beam, Nusfjord beckons, inviting us to step back in time and become a part of its enduring narrative.


Text from curator Karianne Ryen Eriksen: An important and significant source of inspiration for HM Queen Sonja, throughout all the years. The exhibition shows examples from the Queen’s graphic production all the way back to 2012 and up to the present day. The starting point for the Queen’s graphic works are often her own photographs taken out in nature; it can be in the forest, on the mountain, or in an ice cave.

Salteriet stands as an enchanting testament to the village’s maritime legacy. Once a hub for salting and preserving roe—a homage to a time when the sea’s bounty was as valuable as gold—this historic edifice has gracefully transformed itself into an immersive art haven.

Step through its doors, and you’ll find yourself transported into a realm where creativity dances upon every wall. This building, which once echoed with the rhythms of the sea, now resonates with a symphony of artistic expression that spans across two exquisite floors.

The ground floor, a tapestry of vision and craftsmanship, plays host to meticulously curated exhibitions that span genres and defy conventions. Here, strokes of genius collide with daring perspectives, creating a space where art not only adorns the walls but intertwines with the very essence of Nusfjord’s soul.

*In frame: The Gallerist Gerald Maximilian Bliem and the “Hoffnarr” sculpture made by Frode Lillesund.

Venture further, and the second floor unfurls an even more mesmerizing chapter.

A partnership with QSPA – Queen Sonja Print Award – has breathed life into this space, offering a portal into the captivating world of graphic artistry. Norwegian and international artists unite under this roof, their works cascading like a symphony of ink and paper. It’s an ode to creative dialogue, where cultures converge, and visions intertwine.

Salteriet is more than a building; it’s a bridge connecting Nusfjord’s past with its present, a haven where the tales of the sea harmonize with the stories spun by artists’ hands. As you walk these hallowed halls, you become part of a journey that transcends time, a voyage guided by the ever-evolving expressions of the human spirit.


There’s much more to Nusfjord than Salteriet. Nusfjord is a destination in its own right. Here, you’ll find world class and cozy, accommodation, a spa, restaurants, cafés, and fantastic activities.

*In frame: Wild Fish Collection by Ragnhild Lie (the owner of Lofoten Wool).