Parking for Kvalvika og Ryten

The car park is located by the path that runs from Innersand.

You will find the car park by the path to Ryten that runs from Innersand. This is also the best arranged parking for guests going to Ryten and a good alternative to Kvalvika.

Further information and directions

By using this parking lot, you contribute to ensuring traffic safety for all visitors. Located at the end of the road to Innersand, the parking lot serves as a starting point for the trail, ensuring that walkers do not have to navigate through traffic areas.

A 350-meter prepared path leads you from the parking lot to the old trail. Follow this trail until you reach the first hill, Einangen, and then turn right over some hilly terrain. You have the option to take a small detour near Fredvanghytta for photo opportunities of Fredvang. Continue along the path until you reach the fork for Ryten. Here, you can choose to either ascend Ryten or head down to Kvalvika. The path to Kvalvika is located on the right side of Forsvannet (the water) and leads down to the beach. To return to the parking at Innersand, follow the same path back.

Practical info about the parking area

The parking area offers a range of amenities for your convenience. You’ll find a public toilet, fresh drinking water, and associated washing facilities. For waste disposal, we provide a sorted garbage disposal system. Several seating areas are available for resting before or after your journey.

In the car park, most spaces are marked with a ‘P’. We kindly ask our guests to park in these designated areas to ensure smooth parking for everyone.

Inside our reception, you’ll find charging stations for phones, cameras, and other devices, available both indoors and outdoors.

Our payment options include cash, Vipps, and card. If the reception is unattended, please follow the instructions provided there. During the high season, we offer coffee, snacks, and souvenirs for sale. Additionally, there’s a small playground for children to enjoy.

Parking fees start at NOK 100,- for cars and motorhomes, with an overnight stay fee of NOK 100,-.