At Værøy you can see the midnight sun, white sandy beaches, bird cliffs and a historic but still active fishing village.

Værøy is situated between Moskenes island in the north and Røst in the south. Moskenesstraumen is the worlds stronges current and located between Moskenes and Værøy.

The fisheries are the biggest income and because of the climate it is perferct for the stockfish production.

The most famous hike is Håheia. From here you get a great panoramic view of the Vestfjord and the abandonned place Måstad, where the dog Norwegian Lundehund comes from. It is also possible to hike to Måstad.

How to travel to Værøy:
You can get to Værøy by ferry from Bodø, Røst or Moskenes or by helicopter from Bodø.

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