The world’s coolest golf course

Even though Norway may not be a world-famous golf destination, the opportunity to play golf on a white sandy beach in the Midnight Sun is something no one can take away from us.

At tiny Hov, a pleasant yet modest place on the outer coast of the island of Gimsøya in Lofoten, you will discover one of the world’s most exclusive and unique golf courses surrounded by the majestic nature the Lofoten Islands are renowned for – beautiful fjords, white sandy beaches and mighty mountains. The Lofoten Links is a golf course completely out of the ordinary. The open sea and white sandy beaches act as natural water hazards and bunkers respectively. With four different tees on each hole, the Lofoten Links is a course every golfer can enjoy.

Lofoten Links is more than “just” magnificent nature

The surroundings of this golf course in Lofoten are naturally impressive and well worth the trip to Hov alone. The white sandy beaches and sharply pointed and perhaps snow-capped mountain peaks, combined with a horizon over the open sea as far as the eye can see, are more than enough to take your breath away. However, the Lofoten Links is so much more than that. The golf course offers world-class holes. You don’t have to wait long for something truly unique as the signature hole is hole two. You tee off with white sandy beaches on both sides while overlooking a bird cliff that is frequently visited by white-tailed eagles. This and several other holes are ranked among the best and most spectacular holes in the world. Hole 12 is also ranked as one of the world’s toughest par threes.

Play golf in the Midnight Sun

The natural phenomena you can experience while playing is one of the factors that makes playing golf in Lofoten so immensely popular. The golf paradise in Lofoten is open from May to October and the Lofoten Links is often open around the clock! The sea is lit up by the golden rays of the Midnight Sun. When the sun brushes the horizon, you get the additional natural challenge of teeing off with sun in your eyes. If you are extra lucky, you may experience the Northern Lights in the autumn months when the course is still open. 

Playing golf in the Midnight Sun is a unique nature-based experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Lodges nearby provide excellent accommodation, while a sauna adjacent to the course offers a reward after 18 unforgettable holes. The farm, Hov Gård, also has a restaurant near the course serving delicious food.

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Lofoten Links is one of the world’s most recognized golf courses

As if it were not enough that everyone who visits Lofoten Links describes the course as world-class, several leading international experts appreciate the course in Lofoten. In 2021, the Lofoten Links was named the best golf course in the Nordic region by Golf World. The task of naming the 100 best courses in Europe falls to a group of golf experts and journalists who travel around playing courses all over the continent. The course on Gimsøya was ranked in an impressive sixth place on the European list. Are you keen to check out this golfing gem in Lofoten? Book your tour here. 

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