Restaurant Nyvågar


Restaurant Nyvågar is situated along the quayside in beautiful, cozy, and historic surroundings on the outskirts of Kabelvåg, just 5 km from Svolvær.

Our menu showcases a unique diversity, offering a fusion of authentic North Norwegian ingredients and international flavours. These delicacies are served in a tasteful and rustic atmosphere, complemented by the genuine hospitality that characterises our region.

Our dedicated chefs are passionate about exploring nature and gladly source ingredients ranging from seaweed to homemade jams of the highest quality.

At our Lofoten Loft Bar, you’re welcome to unwind with a drink after dinner or simply enjoy the ocean view with a glass in hand. Here., you will find one of Norway’s largest collections of Aquavits. Explore aquavits from all over the world or sample a drink from our exciting cocktail menu.

Both groups and individuals are welcome to join us for lunch or dinner. Book directly at or call 76069700.

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