Børsen Spiseri


Børsen Spiseri – a fish restaurant with Stockfish as a specialty.

One of Lofoten’s most renowned restaurants, Børsen Spiseri, is decorated in the old Handelsbrygga from 1828 on Svinøya in Svolvær. Svinøya is the oldest part of the town Svolvær. It was here that the foundation for the town of Svolvær was founded from the 1800s. Today there is a bridge connection to Svolvær center. Handelsbrygga is one of Northern Norway’s best preserved of its kind and is the oldest that remains in Lofoten of its kind and size. The old and original timber walls, construction and floor have been well taken care of. Our kitchen carries on the cultural heritage and with us we want to give you good dining experiences with local ingredients. We serve both meat and fish dishes. The menu changes with the seasons and the availability of local ingredients from Lofoten and Northern Norway.

We have a large quay terrace for outdoor dining in the summer sun, when the sun is shining it is precisely here that it shines the longest in Svolvær. Just outside the quay terrace you will also find our floating Sauna which is very popular. Feel free to combine Sauna and dinner with us after you have explored Lofoten, this will definitely top the experience.

In the same Handelsbrygge is also Krambua, which is a small museum in itself. Krambua was Svolvær’s first shop and is today our reception for renting fisherman’s cabins. Old goods and equipment from ancient times hang here, and you are taken 100 years back in time! Feel free to have an aperitif here before the meal. Here is a bit of everything to study on the shelves and under the roof.

In 2021, we were awarded the Cultural Heritage Fund’s national plaque for good conservation work.

Børsen Spiseri has 160 seats spread over 2 floors. For private events we can cater for up to 250 people.

Welcome to Børsen Spiseri for a food and cultural experience!

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