Anita’s Seafood


Anita’s Seafood is a delightful seafood bar and delicacy shop on Sakris√ły, Lofoten. Known for its grab-and-eat concept, the restaurant offers a variety of local seafood dishes, including their famous fish burgers. With a focus on local flavors and ingredients, Anita’s Seafood provides a unique culinary experience in the beautiful setting of Lofoten.

Anita’s Seafood, offers a range of self-produced delicacies such as juniper smoked salmon and trout, smoked whale, and seasonal fish. Emphasizing local culture and history, the restaurant has a long-standing tradition of preparing high-quality seafood.

Their menu includes unique items like Lyngen prawns, king crab, and hand-made burgers from local haddock, saithe, and cod. The restaurant’s commitment to traditional methods and local produce creates a distinct and authentic dining experience for visitors.

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