We are located on the harbour of Svolvær, taking up residence in a former automobile workshop which in 2002 was restored to a restaurant and nightclub with its own stage.

We welcome you to the cosiest and most popular place to eat and drink in Lofoten’s capital – Svolvær. Preferred by both locals and visitors, our warm and trendy atmosphere compliments our selection of locally infused classics, whether you’re looking for a bite to eat or refreshments to quench your thirst.
Our own beer, Surfers Blonde, has become very popular.

Bacalao has a gorgeous view of the sea, mountains and the local life. The terrace is equipped with heat lamps, blankets, umbrellas and a canopy, ensuring warmth regardless of weather. Wether it’s raining or beaming with sunlight, Bacalao is the place to be.

Some of the comments from our guests on Trip Advisor:
“The mussels were divine” “The bacalao was very good” “Fantastic good stockfish” “Local food and drink”. “Cozy venue with a fireplace”

Our aspiration is to be a place for everyone.
So whether you’re on a date with your loved one, in need of new energy after a long hike, or looking for some fun with your friends; We have what you need.

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