Supper with the locals at Aalan Farm


At Aalan Gård you will find the true and natural Lofoten experience, where you as a visitor can experience a diverse farm with cheese production, herb garden and various animals.

We offer supper made by the farms ecological products. You will be served coffee or local herb-tea in Our great grandmothers favourite cups. Enjoy the world-class cool cheese in a cozy atmosphere, while we telling you about the history of the farm, about the people who live here and about those who have put their mark on the spot throughout the ages. Meet the on goats that are resting in the barn for the night. Lower your shoulders and take a stroll in the herb garden and in the yard, maybe you meet the mini-pig Klara or the old cow Viktoria who walks freely around. Are you lucky you may get a glimpse of huldra …!

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