The idyllic small island is located only 30 minutes away from Svolvær, reachable by ferry or a longer hurtigbåttour from Bodø.

The island is known as the photo-island or the Hawaii of Lofoten. This is due to the low amount of rain and the high amount of sun hours. The photo-island name comes from the permanent photo exhibitions on the island.

Here you will find just below 200 locals, and an active industry including salmon-farming, fishing, and whale-hunting as the primary sources of income.

Even though the population is quite low, you can find a multitude of accommodations, restaurants, a pub, gallery, sausage-manufacturer, shop, school, kindergarten, and their own musical choir. Take a trip and experience the silence on Skrova.

How do I travel to Skrova?
Plane connection from Bodø to Svolvær with Widerøe.
Express boat Nex II Bodø to Skrova.
Ferry connection Svolvær (Osan)- Skrova with Torghatten Nord.

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