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Guided Photographic Tours – Arctic Guide Service


Tell us what you want to capture, and we’ll do our best to make it happen, whether you’re an experienced photographer or just beginning.
For the general interest photographer, we’ll take you into the unique landscapes and nature of the Lofoten Islands. Our expert local guides know exactly where to go for the most spectacular results. You’ll leave with a collection of images that capture the variety and magnificence of this special place.

If photography is something new for you, your guide will discuss how to approach it, offer technical advice, and hints on how to compose your pictures. This is a fun and different way to discover these beautiful islands. If you’re an experienced photographer with a special interest—birds or other wild life, for instance—we have local expertise with extensive experience.
Bring your camera, and we’ll make sure that you take the beauty of Lofoten home with you.
1-15 persons
All Year
Please contact our team for more information on how we can make your Lofoten dream a reality.

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