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Trollfjord Cruise with Go2Lofoten

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Welcome to the majestic Trollfjorden

Join us on a cruise to the Trollfjord with the world`s largest sailing Colin Archer ship, M/S Hestøy.

On this trip we take you through fjords, past islands and steep mountains, to areas with a high population of sea eagles.
These are northern Europe`s larges eagle, with a wingspan of up to 2.65 m. Along the way we will tell you Viking stories and myths, also local history about hte places we see.

Included on this tour is a tasty homemade fish soup with bread.

On request, we can make a short fishing stop.

The cruise in Lofoten`s magnificent nature will leave you with pleasant memories for a lifetime!

Adult NOK 995,-
Children 2 -15 NOK 300,-
Children 0 -2 free

The tour take 4 -4,5 hours.

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