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Explore one of the Lofoten archipelago’s most beautiful islands by kayak. This small-group paddling tour takes you on an adventure in the magnificent surroundings of Skrova where you will see the Skrova lighthouse, white-sand beaches, and the spectacle of the Lofoten mountains meeting the sea. While you paddle, you may also spot wildlife such as sea eagles, sea otters, and porpoises.

To begin your adventure, first hop aboard the Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik ferry, which is free to all passengers. Once you arrive at the harbour of Skrova, you will meet your guide by the Heimbrygga restaurant.

You will receive a comprehensive introduction to the equipment you will be using, as well as important safety information.This will insure that you feel confident and prepare before heading out to explore.

Now that you are comfortably seated in your kayak , it is time to set out and explore the beautiful surroundings of Skrova Island. Get ready for new adventures and unique experiences.

Learn about Skrova island history while spying on the wild life around you. Remember to keep your eyes wide open while paddling through the crystal clear shallow waters to ensure you don’t miss any fish swimming underneath your kayak.

Put your sunglasses on, take a leisurely stroll, or simply relax on one of the white sand beaches before heading back to Skova harbour…

Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik ferry is free to all passengers.

Please note that your ferry to Skrova Island does not depart from the centre of Svolvær (Hurtigbåtkai).

Search : Svolværveien 91, Svolvær 8300 to find correct ferry station Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik.

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