Stetind – South East Ridge with Northern Alpine Guides

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Stetind (1391m) is Norway’s “National Mountain” and for a good reason. It is by far the most unique and beautiful peaks in the the country. The shape, location, and rock quality makes Stetind an irresistible mountain to climb on. Beautiful sweeping granite ridges rising straight from the sea.

It was first climbed in 1910 by the same team that first ascended Svolværgeita. It’s easiest route «Normalruta» is rated 5.6 and is a popular, easy and fun trip for normally fit travelers. Stetind also offers long technical climbs such as the classic and amazing south pillar for the experienced climbers. The south Pillar of Stetind is rated 5.10. Find your route and book your adventure.

Stetind – «Normalruta» – South East Ridge

South East “Classic” Ridge of Stetind is an amazing alpine rock route with easy to moderate climbing on quality granite. Technically this route is quite simple so we can take larger groups (with multiple guides) up and still move in good style and safety. The climbing on the South East Ridge is phenomenal and the views of the surrounding coastal alpine peaks are something hard to describe with words. The route has one technical and fun crux referred to by the first ascentionist as the “the ten finger hold traverse”. The whole experience of climbing Stetind is beautiful and if you have the opportunity this is a must do climb while visiting northern Norway.

We supply the Ropes, Rock Rack, and all technical equipment you need. We also include rock shoes, harness, and helmet in the price. You will carry your own small back pack on this route with clothes, water, food, snack and light shoes for the descent… We supply the rest.

Skill Level: Comfortable following Norwegian Grade 4 or a fit hiker used to steep terrain.

Dates: June – September.

Trip Length: 1 day

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