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Discover Lofoten and its tradition – crystal clear in the ice gallery Magic Ice

Magic Ice, in the capital of Lofoten, offers you the pleasure of browsing ice art and coastal culture while enjoying a variety of refreshments. Sculptures and installations made of ice, dramatically lit and presented together with sound, music and images, tell the story of nature, traditions and the life of the fisherman in this abundant island realm.

Magic Ice more than just an ice bar – a Lofoten adventure with a difference
Life in Lofoten forms the framework of the Magic Ice experience. The story of the people of Lofoten is also the story of time-honoured cultural traditions, extraordinary hauls of fish and tragic shipwrecks; of a people living in fishing villages wedged in between precipitous mountains and the mighty ocean; of control, belief and superstition, and of the ghost of the sea, the trolls and the wood nymphs that have also found their place at Magic Ice – the story of a fairy tale world.

This gives us a new approach to the natural surroundings and resources that have formed the basis of settlement and economic growth here since the Middle Ages.

The cry of gulls lingers in the air. You can feel a storm brewing on a winter’s day, join the fishermen as they discuss their catch around the gutting bench, hear the Coastal Steamer as it sounds its approach. Surrounded by birds, fish and fish racks sculpted in ice, you can sense the toil and delights of fishermen past and present. The mountain of Røstfjellet with its puffins, cormorants and seals comprises, as such, a natural part of the exhibition.

World Famous Ice Sculptors
Snow and ice art embrace various means of expression such as sculpture, installation art, scenography, landart and architecture, indoors and out. Enhance your enjoyment of this by exploring the incredibly varied forms of expression created by snow and ice.

This is world class ice art. Seven artists from different parts of the world have created “art below zero” at Magic Ice. For centuries, artists from all over the world have made their way to Lofoten because of the light and colours, the sea, the people’s openness and the mountains. Magic Ice expresses this bond between Man and Nature in a unique way, forming an arena among ice crystals, authenticity and purity.

Ice bar
Different kinds of drinks are serviced in handmade ice glasses. Don a warm “penguin coat” and enjoy the ice art as you sip your drink from a glass made of ice.

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