Fishing trip in Lofoten with XXLofoten for beginners

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Experience the excitement and joy of fishing on a 2-hour fishing trip from Svolvær.

Join a fishing trip aboard the MS Symra, a fishing boat over a hundred years old, specially built to navigate the challenging waters of Lofoten. This 2-hour fishing trip is tailored for those who have never tried fishing before and want to explore an activity that is an important part of Lofoten’s cultural heritage.

From the moment we set out from Svolvær, you will experience the islands in a unique way—right from the sea that has shaped their culture and history. The MS Symra, the vessel we use, has been in operation since 1917 and is a heritage-listed ship.

As we sail along the coast, you will enjoy the sight of majestic mountains rising from the sea and the traditional fishermen’s cabins clinging to the cliffs. This beautiful view provides an insight into life in Lofoten and shows how the people here live close to nature.

The fishing trip is adapted for beginners, and our experienced crew will guide you through basic fishing techniques. Whether it’s casting the line, setting the hook, or reeling in the catch, our team will be there to assist you and ensure that you have a memorable experience. Catching your first fish is an exciting event, filled with anticipation and the joy of seeing what might be on your hook. The seas off Lofoten are rich in life, and you may have the chance to catch various species of fish, including the coveted cod, which has been a key species for the region’s economy for centuries.

In the waiting time between catches, the crew will share stories about Lofoten’s fishing traditions and the important role that cod has played. Expect to hear everything from facts to myths about life as a fisherman in Lofoten.

This is the perfect trip for those who want to explore something new and experience Lofoten’s unique lifestyle. It is an active and cultural experience where you not only observe but also actively participate. On this trip, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fishing culture and its significance to life by the sea.

Fishing combined with the experience of being out at sea creates a magical atmosphere that is about more than just fishing—it’s about connecting to Lofoten’s past and present. You might even reel in a big fish during this short trip!

So come aboard and embark on an adventure from Svolvær with MS Symra. Experience the magic of the sea, learn to fish, and see Lofoten from an entirely new perspective. Every moment on this trip is a step closer to the soul of Lofoten.”

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J.E Paulsens gate 9, 8300 Svolvær


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