Northern Lights & Full Steam cruise


Connect with the local culture through food and stories from our guides while we silently set course for a 200 year old cod steam house with a chance to see the Northern Lights

As we leave the harbour of Svolvær, we will set out in the direction of Henningsvær. On the way, we will deploy our underwater drone to explore the underwater world. 

While we cruise to look for a glimpse of the Northern Lights, you will be able to enjoy a few tasters that are carefully crafted by a local chef. Taste your way through centuries of fishing tradition and our guides will accompany your senses by telling you the history behind the industry that Lofoten is famous for.

Once in Henningsvær, you will have the opportunity to explore this old charming fishing village by foot. Visit one of the many galleries or stores, take a walk along the many restored old fishing warehouses or visit the football field.

Around 22:00 we sail back along the ‘wall of Lofoten’ to Svolvær, you can grab a drink in the bar keep an eye out for the Northern Lights.

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