Hemmingodden Lofoten Fishing Lodge – for groups


Would you like to experience the magical Lofoten Fishery with your colleagues and friends? Do you want activities like guided tour of fishing, mountain hikes, farm visits or surfing? Hemmingodden Lofoten Fishing Lodge is a complete fishing resort with cabins and boats for rental.

Hemmingodden is centrally located at Ballstad in Lofoten. Ballstad has history of fishing that goes bach hundreds of years, and it is still one of Lofoten´s most active fishing community.

We provide cabins and boats for rental, and have restaurants and grocery stores in the immediate vicinity.

Our crew is professional fishermen, and they would love to take you and your friends to the Lofoten Sea for the big catch of Skrei. The Lofoten Fishery in February to April is world wide known for the cod (skrei) swimming from the Barents Sea all the way to Lofoten for spawning.

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