Rorbus and Seahouses

Reine Rorbuer


Reine Rorbuer is located close to the very southern tip of the Lofoten archipelago.
Serenity and isolation can be found a footstep away, and with a simple step back you can admire it again from the warmth of your Rorbu. Fine dining and many amenities await.

Reine attracts photographers from all over the world. When magazines and advertisers want to showcase something truly authentic and uniquely beautiful, it’s the images from Reine they use. You have surely seen the motifs we show here. But Reine is so much more. Reine is a story about people who clung on and defied living conditions that we can hardly imagine today. The rich sea provided them with food for their tables and income for their livelihoods.

39 comfortable fishermen’s cabins (‘rorbuer’), 1 room, and 2 apartments take you straight into Reine’s dramatic history and tough living conditions. All cabins have their own bathroom and almost all have their own kitchen. Most have a sea view, but only the highest cabin categories have their own terrace.

The cabins feature cozy down duvets and coffee machines. In the period from June 19 to August 31, we rent cabins for a minimum of 2 nights (with some exceptions, so please contact us directly if you need accommodation for just one night).

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Food and drinks
À la carte
Access to kitchen
Special requirements
Allergy friendly room
Close to nature
Mountain view
Sea view
Leisure facilities
Bicycle rental
Coffee/Tea maker
Free Wi-Fi
Wireless access
Environmental certification

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