Rorbus and Seahouses

Hemmingodden Lofoten Fishing Lodge – accommodation rorbuer


Hemmingodden is centrally located on Ballstadøy, 200 m from the local grocery store. The lodge gets plenty of sun hours. We focus on fishing with good boats for renting, in addition to charter tours on request. Ballstad is a perfect place for a vacation, with good fishing areas right outside the harbour. You will be able to experience fishing, a fantastic scenery and several other activities.

We are now renovating all our units in addition to investing in good boats that make it possible to experience Lofotfishing. Ballstad has history of fishing that goes back hundreds of years, and it is still one of Lofoten’s most active fishing community.

Besides the Lofotfishing, Hemmingodden is a nice starting point for fishing after several fish species like halibut, cod, redfish, pollock and catfish. Hemmingodden is placed in the middle of Lofoten with many good fishing spots, with Vestfjorden, Nappstraumen, and Buknesfjorden just outside the harbour. If the wind is strong one place, it is always possible to find shelter in one of the other places.

The nature and the coastal environment in Ballstad is unique in its kind and is an excellent place for fishing, recreation, relaxation and adventure. Ballstad is also perfect for hiking and fishing in freshwater. Ballstad Heia is easy to ascend with Nonstind as the highest point with 459m. From Nonstind there are wonderful views over most of Lofoten, and even over Steigen and Landegode. Ballstad’s highest point, Skottind (671m), can also be reached by foot, but is a bit more challenging. Taking the trip into Kyllingdalen there are opportunities to fish in fresh water while getting a nice hike through beautiful scenery. In the winter is is also very common to see the northern lights dance across the sky.

Hemmingodden is therefore a great place for many activities in Lofoten – both on land and at sea.

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Drive to Ballstadøy, and follow the road until you see a big building with a painted mural in front of you. Take the first road down to your right, just before the big building, and follow it for about 100m until you see Hemmingodden.


Leisure facilities
Access to boat
Hiking trails
Recreational fishing
Balcony or terrace
Clothes drying facilities
Dish washer
Hair dryer
In-room Internet access
Wireless access
Special requirements
Child friendly
Close to lake
Mountain view
Sea view
Food and drinks
Cooking facilities
Curio shop
Highlight Mapguide
Highlight Mapguide
Parkering (Faciliteter)
Outdoor parking – free
Facilities (Hotel)
Wc and shower/bath in room