Hundekjøring /dog sledding

Dogsledding in “Arctic Light” with Rieban Husky


Experience Lofoten’s magical nature with a dogsledd.

Bakti, Kimchi, Stolo and the rest of the 4legged team members of Rieban Husky looking forward to drive with you throu winter Lofoten. We drive in pairs, 1 drives and the otherone can take pictures. Halfways we can switch.

Price: Nok 1350 per person / Nok 990,- children 3-10 years
Max weight 95kg if more i need to know, it then would be booked as 2 pax.
Start Time: 10AM (10:00)
Duration: 2 hours
Season: 01. Jan – 30. March – depending on weather and snow conditions
Days: all days
Min 2 pers. Max 4 pers.
Incl. homemade cake, Tea/Coffee
Tour starts at Rieban Husky Malnes, !!bring warm cloth and shoes.
If you do not wish to drive yourself, you must informe us when you make the booking.


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