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Do you want to learn more about art and cultural history in the center of Svolvær?

We want to take the public on a one-hour tour that starts with this summer’s exhibition at Nordnorsk kunstnersenter. The trip continues to Lang√•sen sculpture park, before we finish by looking at historic buildings in the center of Svolv√¶r.
Guide for the tour is Kristin Risan. She has worked as an art educator at the North Norwegian Artists’ Center for many years and also has extensive experience as a guide in Lofoten.

About the exhibition:
Inger Johanne Grytting and Mimi Gross
“About art and friendship”
03.06 ‚Äď 03.09.2023
The exhibition with Inger Johanne Grytting and Mimi Gross offers an exciting juxtaposition of a friendship in the form of art.

About Langåsen sculpture park:
The park in the heart of Svolv√¶r. In connection with the 75th anniversary of Svolv√¶r church in 2007, it was decided to establish a nature and sculpture park. The Lang√•s committee drew up an art plan for Lang√•sen and has been working to realize art in the park ever since. You can experience “Eye of the North” by Jeppe Hein, “Inn i naturen” by Rina C. Lindgren and “Walking figure” by Sean Henry.

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