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In the gallery 925 Catrine Linder you should only buy something if you really mean it. Why? Because the jewellery might fall head over heels in love with you!

The warning comes from the woman behind the workshop, Catrine Linder. Her goal is to create jewellery that you can’t resist trying on. The pieces should call out to you, and even make you feel that they enhance your personality. Only when that happens, should you part with your cash. Because, according to the artist, when you have fallen for a piece of jewellery, you can rest assured that the love is mutual.

Linder grew up in Ankenes and lives in Stockholm. For a long time, she has been passionate about jewellery design and climbing. It was her enthusiasm for the latter that first led her to Henningsvær, and when in 2013 she was given the opportunity to rent an old radio workshop to open her own jewellery gallery, she found she could suddenly merge her two interests.

Linder works exclusively with recycled materials, and in addition to more traditional jewellery, she creates what she calls “refined pieces”. One of her collections has been named Radio, and consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of various parts and components she found in the old workshop. Naturally, she has made a tribute collection to climbing, naming it RockHard. The part of this collection called “Friend” symbolises safety and friendship, and particularly the bracelets have become very popular both within climbing circles and beyond.

Catrine Linder focuses on local collaboration, sustainable production and sound ethical practices in her work, and in addition to the existing jewellery collections, it is possible to order bespoke pieces from the artist.

925 Catrine Linder is located just off Lysstøyperiet, in the heart of Henningsvær. At Lysstøyperiet you can enjoy delicious coffee and fresh cinnamon swirl buns. If you’re craving something more substantial, you can visit the restaurant Lofotmat. Here you’ll be treated to generous portions of whichever fish or meat dish you may desire.
Henningsvær is a Mecca for climbing enthusiasts. Visit Klatrekafeen in Misværveien for further information on the many different activities in the vicinity.

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