EXHIBITION 2023 – Inside Out – at KaviarFactory

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The exhibition Inside Out shows fifty-one works by nineteen artists of major international standing from Norway and abroad. There are paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures. What the works have in common is that they all depict heads – portraits and self-portraits, honest and authentic – that clearly show the inside on the outside – Inside Out. An exploration of fragility and loneliness, with all that is vulnerable, naked, painful and raw;works that are intimate, humorous, sensual, sensuous and thought-provoking. The full range of human emotions and psyche.

The exhibition shows works by four living Norwegian artists: Per Inge Bjørlo (b. 1952), Trude Viken (b. 1969), Ole Jørgen Ness (b. 1961), and Bjarne Melgaard (b. 1967). The contributors from other countries are: Elina Brotherus (Finland; b. 1972), Heli Rekula(Finland; b. 1963), Reza Bengiz (Iran; b. 1937), Kayatoun Karami (Iran; b. 1967), DarjaBajaglic (Montenegro/USA; b. 1990), Michael Sailstorfer (Germany; b. 1979), Christian Lemmerz (Germany/Denmark; b. 1959), Vik Muniz (Brazil; b. 1961), and the graffiti artist Neckface (Brazil; b. 1984).

In addition, there are works by the deceased artists Nils Aas (1933–2004), Edvard Munch (1863–1944), Kjartan Slettemark (Norway/Sweden; 1932–2008), Ryszard Warsinski(Poland/Norway; 1937–1996), Tamuna Sirbiladze (Georgia/Austria; 1971–2016), and Andy Warhol (USA; 1928–1987).

The KaviarFactory is a reknown museum for contemporary art by Norwegian and international artists, such as Bjarne Melgaard , Ai Weiwei, Marina Abramovic, and Yoko Ono. The former caviar factory was bought and rehabilitated by the private art collectors Venke and Rolf Hoff in 2013. Today the KaviarFactory is the number one contemporary art destination north of Bergen according to Visit Norway. The museum was rewarded with Nordnorsk arkitekturpris in 2020 for it´s successful transformation from a local industrial facility to a world class art museum. The logo is a permanent art installation by the famous German artist Michael Sailstorfer.

KaviarFactory also has an exquisite gift shop with a rare collection of art books and luxury wool garments.

Normal opening hours: From 12 June 1000-1900. (This week 1100-1600). Groups and events by appointment.

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