Private Active Sailing in Reinefjorden


Our smaller sail boat is perfect for the active adventurer. Take a private trip through the fjords with a certified skipper who will explain the basics of sailing to you while you explore the fjords.

This adventure is one not to be missed – a private adventure in Reinefjord sailing through looming mountains, surrounded by wildlife and the crash of waves.

A unique day out which is perfect for a special occasion. Celebrate with friends and family in a way that no-one would expect. Get in touch with our team and we will personalise this trip to you. Whether you want to learn more about sailing or simply enjoy the views, we will tailor the perfect trip.

The cosy setting on our sailing boat creates a good atmosphere where everyone feels like part of the crew. Your skipper will skilfully navigate the fjords while you can learn, try sailing, or do some wildlife spotting. During the tour you will have to move around the boat, be aware of what active sailing really is and leave feeling accomplished.

Set off from Pukka’s Basecamp in Hamnøy and enjoy 3 hours of sailing with packed lunch included. In the land where the sun never sets during the summer, the wildlife comes out in it’s masses. Sea birds like the White Tailed Sea Eagle circle overhead and huge fish cruise underneath you.

Come and spend the day with us seeing the fjords of the Arctic from a new perspective!

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Meet at Pukka Basecamp in Hamnøy

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